The perception of Doors

I am always fascinated with surveys that support my theory that our brain tells us perceived truths just by touch. An interesting test of this is to walk through a spec or model home that has an inexpensive fiberglass front door and thinly coated hardware, then walk through a home that has a substantial wood door with a hefty lock and handset. Studies have shown, when questioning people on this exercise that they believe the house with the wood door and hefty hardware to be a better quality home THROUGHOUT just from touching the front door upon opening! This is a great trick for someone to use who is rehabbing a foreclosure, or building a modest home.

If taken a step further, in place of interior hollow core doors, if an upgraded door with stained wood trim is used throughout the house, the perception just rose to the point that the client now believes the house will cost more, but that it will be worth it.

Choose the upgrade that has been proven to make people feel more secure – a real wood door. Take it a step further and make that door a work of art! Come see what our custom door supplier can do for your home’s self image! Now on display at Prescott Window and Door showroom in the Prescott Design Center is an awesome carved door made by Canyon Custom. We have their catalogs, corner samples, and brochures for you to browse.

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More on the subject by architect, Arrol Gellner:
“Every good tract builder — even the most parsimonious — will usually spring for a good-quality door and lockset at the front entrance of their new homes. Why? Because marketing studies have demonstrated that a good solid-feeling front door leaves an impression of quality that carries over throughout the house.

Builders refer to this sometimes illusory impression of quality as “perceived value.” The same trick can work for your own home. You may not be able to afford hardwood panel doors or first-quality locksets throughout your house, but chances are you can afford a good-quality front door and, even more important, a first-rate entrance lockset.”

“Nothing has quite the heft of a solid wood door. Genuine wood presents a look and feel of quality that neither steel nor fiberglass can match — one reason the latter products are so anxious to imitate it. Once you’ve found a door that suits you, think about a good-quality entrance lockset. There are lots of manufacturers to choose from, but only a handful make truly first-class products. Many styles of lockset are available with matching door knockers, doorbell escutcheons, and the like. Be prepared to pay handsomely for a decent-quality entrance lockset. You’ll be sorely tempted to buy a cheaper lockset that “looks just the same.” But it won’t feel the same or last the same. Remember what builders have known for decades: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!”

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