Planning Input for Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, and Homeowners

We have seen thousands of blueprints over our careers and often see the finished home. We have learned what people wish they had done instead (“the NEXT time I build I’d . . .”) We see when a window should have been an operating one instead of a fixed window, or when a house has too many doors that interfere with each other. People can be educated by the internet, but we have the practical experience from our customers. It is better to tweak a plan before installation and avoid doing a remodel later.

If you are a Homeowner Builder and are your own General Contractor, come to Prescott Window and Door and get the attention you deserve! In the industry, the Homeowner Builder is often referred to as “A One Trick Pony”. In other words, you may never build another house. You could be a one shot deal. We have built Prescott Window and Door on quality referrals. We are not chasing the development builders. We are interested in servicing our quality clients who put their heart into one house at a time.

We are happy to work with your interior designer, your architect, your builder and you to brain storm and come up with the right products and innovative ideas. The sky is the limit!