Historical Windows

The beauty of a historical project is that you really shouldn’t notice that anything was done at all! However, with modern products, maintenance is minimized, and energy savings are HUGE! Historical renovation is not new to us as we completed multiple historical projects in West Michigan before we moved to this wonderful community. Let’s keep the original charm in downtown Prescott!

This year, we completed changing all of the windows in the guest rooms of the Hassayampa Inn in downtown Prescott.

The new windows have special glass to reduce the sound transmission, and the difference is like night  and day.  We’ve made these rooms quiet, in spite of the traffic going by right below on Gurley Street.

LowE-366 combined with laminated glass for the exterior pane did the trick!

We are continuing with the project, and over time will replace the remaining original wood windows with Aluminum Clad.

Drive by and look.  Updated, but historically correct.