No High Pressure Sales Tactics

No, we do not charge you a “look and see” fee. We will look at your project to see if we can meet your goals, with no charge to you. Usually we can tell you over the phone on most projects if it is feasible. Then one of our salesmen will come to your home and inspect the windows or doors that are giving you problems.

After we understand your needs and have inspected the windows or doors, we will discuss the options that we have available for you.

We do not do our estimates in your home.  Instead, our first visit is just to gain the information we need to prepare your estimate properly.  Then we take that information to our office and put together the proposal for your approval.  We try hard to get our estimates back to you promptly.

Prescott Window and Door salesmen are nice guys. They don’t need to pressure you to make a decision when they are in your home!

We will take enough time with your quote to assure that the pricing and description are accurate. We won’t use your living room as our office!