Custom Doors

Prescott Window and Door is proud to offer amazing custom doors.  Absolutely anything you can dream up; we can make happen.  We are happy to work with your architect and designer and we also have access to a custom stained glass artist in Prescott, who we have worked with.

We have had many beautiful doors in the homes we have lived in over our life, both in Michigan and Arizona.  A unique door that makes a statement of who you are and how you face the public street, is so much more than just a piece of wood!  It is a source of pride and an artistic way to express your house, and yourself,  to the world.


cc barrel door


This barrel door actually follows the curve of the step below it.


CC birch trees

This door arch follows the transom and melds perfectly with the sidelights.


cc tree


Let us help you make an important purchase for your new, or existing home, by choosing something you can have great pride in.  Whatever you want – we can create it!